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Autism Therapy

A Perfect Fit ABA, LLC

A Perfect Fit ABA, LLC is committed to the treatment of children using only empirically validated methods and strategies in order to assist each child in reaching his or her greatest potential and improving their and their family’s overall quality of life. We know that every child and every family will be different, and we strive to be that perfect fit for each one.

A Perfect Fit ABA, LLC is committed to the continuance to make equity, diversity, and inclusion a part of all that we do from the clients we accept, to how we choose to build our workforce.

A Perfect Fit ABA, LLC is dedicated to fulfilling the vision of diversity as we continue to grow. As operations continue throughout the years to come, this brings an elevated level of responsibility to our daily tasks, while ensuring that our clients and staff create a sense of belonging for everyone.

African American Kids Dancing

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”

Robin Williams

Children Playing
Boy Coloring
Railroad Set

Child Social Skills Program

Developing and implementing  goals that will increase behaviors necessary for social interactions with peer groups.

School or Daycare Staff Training

Work to determine the functions behind any problem behaviors as well as encourage positive behavior supports in the educational setting.

ABA Therapy

Individualized 1:1 therapy as well as Parent Training in order to facilitate acquisition of all goals.

All About Therapy

Personalized Attention for All Your Needs

ABA therapists provide individual behavior therapy in the child’s home and other environmental settings in which target behaviors are observed. Our Registered Behavior Technicians receive comprehensive training in behavioral theory, reinforcement, behavior management, interactive play with peer groups and social development, and natural environment teaching. A heavy emphasis is placed on generalization of all skills across settings and people. This means goals will be tailored to being taught in the natural environment when possible.


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