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Get to Know Cassandra

Just an Autism mom trying to change one life at a time

I've always had an interest in the social sciences and the inner-workings of what made myself and those around me make the choices that we did. Couple that with a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge and you get me. Though I've always wanted to work with people, children have always held my heart.
I'm a mother of two amazing young men who have forever changed my life for the better. One of them being diagnosed on the spectrum has only helped to broaden my horizons to see the world in a whole new light. Each day is a new learning experience for both of us, and I embrace them all.
Every child I work with is not just a client to me. They are an extension of the hopes and dreams that I have for my own children. So I put just as much time, effort, and passion into helping them achieve their goals. Let me help your child feel like they "fit."


Our Team

Our  Registered  Behavior Technicians   all receive  comprehensive   naturalistic behavior  interventions  and  social development. They   come from  a wide range of educational backgrounds   and multi-disciplinary approaches.  Each therapist  focuses on building a positive  and reinforcing relationship with  their  clients. 

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