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Quarantine and social skills... NOT!

I'm sure all ASD parents feel my pain right now as I scream "my child needs social interaction!!" Watching all of these skills we've worked so hard on over the years slowly regress is extremely frustrating. Although I understand the necessity for safety during these times, I am definitely looking for safe social options for my son. I will give an honorable mention to Roblox (as much as it bothers me to do so), as it has pulled a level of conversation skills out of my child that I have never seen before. What he was not able to previously do in face-to-face interactions he is now doing effortlessly with friends online. This has prompted me to brainstorm whether virtual playdates would be beneficial; without the camera component of course, since we still haven't mastered even the art of FaceTime yet. Whatever avenue needs to be taken, I'm determined to find or create a safe social environment for my personal and professional children.

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